Department Profile

The Center for Health Services Management and Evaluation (CHESME), Department of Nursing, University of Athens was founded in August 1996 by Professor Lycourgos Liaropoulos. It is one of the few University research centers in Greece which specializes in the areas of Health Policy, Economics, Performance Measurement and Health Care Management. CHESME has been certified with EN ISO 9001:2008.

Areas of activity

  • Participation in National and International research projects.
  • Contribution to the broad field of socio-economic evaluation and performance measurement in health.
  • Fostering improvement in the quality, productivity, and efficiency of health systems, services, and institutions.
  • Developing and provision of training, seminars and symposiums.
  • Assisting the harmonization of Greek health policy and practice with the international experience.
  • Providing international organizations with data, policy analysis and consulting services on the Greek health care system
  • Collaborations with international organizations and research institutes (e.g. OECD, EUROSTAT, LSE, BASYS etc).
  • Training of PhD, postgraduate and undergraduate students on the areas of CHESME activity and encouragement of their participation in research.